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Rachel Fox Jun 22 Video Tutorials / Recorded Webinars

Please watch the recorded webinar HERE

Rachel Fox May 24 Announcements

Hello Fellow IFLM’ers,

We are very excited to announce that our new IFLM movie has been submitted to FINRA for review. This will kick off a whole new package of marketing, prospecting and communications tools for the IFLM platform for use in a DOL environment. Here are just a few of the items we will be deploying soon:


1: New shorter IFLM Movie

2: New IFLM seminar

3: Package of new print and collateral materials.

4: Brand new marketing & prospecting website


With the recent DOL fiduciary rule we are bound to see fee compression, prospecting costs increasing and a generally more complex business environment. As the industry scrambles to create the systems necessary to handle the 95% of the work after the sale we are laser focused on helping our customers create the next client engagement. A compelling business model, scalable solution and increased asset capture are keys to success going forward.

As always we appreciate your business and look forward to helping you succeed in the Retirement Income arena.   

Rachel Fox Apr 12 Announcements

All sites have been updated to reflect the Broker Check button per the FINRA NOTICE TO MEMBER 15-50

Rachel Fox December 1, 2015 Video Tutorials / Tutorials

The Impact of Income Taxes on a Retirement Income Distribution Plan:      

It Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Beginning December 1, 2015 the new Income Tax Report will Make Life Easier
When the industry's top solution for retirement income distribution gets even better, it's big news. Starting December 1, most registered users of The Income for Life Model will gain access to Wealth2k's innovative new income tax module. 

The income tax module focuses on the income tax rate that really matters in practice; the retiree's Effective Income Tax Rate.

You'll  have three ways to easily calculate the effective rate. And, in just seconds, you'll be able to generate a personalized Income Tax Summary report that will help you to quickly explain to clients the impact of income taxes.

Lightning-fast data input and calculation:
  1. Enter the percentage of assets the client has in qualified, non-qualified and tax-free accounts; the effective income tax rate is then calculated 
  2. If you know the amount of the client's Ordinary and Capital Gains income, access our new "look-up table" to instantly see the effective income tax rate 
  3. If you already know the client's effective tax rate, simply enter it in a field
Wealth2k designed the new income tax module to SAVE YOU TIME while presenting a realistic picture of the impact of income taxes. We've created an easy-to-present Income Tax Summary Report that is prepared every time you create The Income for Life Model Personalized Analysis.


Watch an overview on how to use it HERE

Rachel Fox August 25, 2015 Video Tutorials / Tutorials

For a video replay of the IFLM Effective Tax Rate webinar held on 8/19/15 please click HERE


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